Emma Reisz

Position / Job title: Lecturer in Asian History

Department: School of History and Anthropology

Institution: Queens University Belfast

E-mail address: emma.reisz@qub.ac.uk

- Transnational history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

- The Global Rubber trade.


Book Chapters:

  • '"Provident" political economy in Indian forests' in F. Trentmann and M.J. Daunton (eds), Worlds of political economy: knowledge and power in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Basingstoke, 2004).
  • 'City as garden: shared space in the urban botanic gardens of Singapore and Malaysia, 1786–2000' in R. Bishop et al. (eds), Postcolonial urbanism: Southeast Asian cities and global processes (New York, 2003).


  • The political economy of empire in the tropics: rubber in the British Empire, 1800–1940 (Basingstoke, forthcoming).

Journal Articles:

  • 'Curiosity and rubber in the French Atlantic' in Atlantic Studies, iv (2007).
  • 'Recovering post-colonial tropicalities from a "fervid inflorescence" of metaphor' in Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science (2004).