Kathinka Sinha-Kerkhoff

Position / Job title: Region Representative

Institution: International Institute of Social History

E-mail address: ksk@iisg.nl

For the last few years I have been embedded in an IISH project entitled Plants, People and Work (PPW). My specific research was/is on the tobacco plant and its embedding in colonial Bihar (British India) which was carried out betwixt and between indigo, sugarcane and the poppy plant.  I am now interested in the different forms in which tobacco as a commodity was/is consumed in (colonial-) India.


Book Chapters:

  • “The Experience of Globalization: Indian Youth and Non-Consumption (The birth of an alternative development rhetoric to save the world)”. In: Fardon, R; Binsbergen, W; Dijk, R. (eds.) (1999), Modernity on a Shoestring: Dimensions of Globalization. Consumption and Development in Africa and Beyond, EIDOS: London: 117-141.