Commodity Histories maintains a publicly accessible directory with a view to sharing sources of knowledge related to the worlds of commodities and crops. You can find out more about a researcher by clicking on his or her profile and you can also search the list by commodity, time period, theme, and region.

Last Name First Name Institution Departmentsort descending
Mouser Bruce University of Wisconsin-La Crosse History Profile
Clarke Sabine University of York History Profile
Bosma Ulbe International Institute of Social History History Profile
Riello Giorgio University of Warwick History Profile
Hazareesingh Sandip The Open University History Department Profile
Minsky Lauren New York University Abu Dhabi History Department Profile
Arabindan-Kesson Anna Yale University History of Art and African American Studies Profile
O’Brien John British Library India Office Records Profile
Curry-Machado Jonathan University College London Institute for the Americas Profile
Fernandez Leida CCHS-CSIC Madrid Institute of History Profile